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Admission Enquiry Form


Admission is open to all categories of students, including Indians and NRIs (Non-Resident Indians), irrespective of caste, creed, colour or religion.

This school will admit pupils from all recognized schools central or state.

Parents/Guardians seeking admission for their ward(s) can write to or contact the Office, to know about the school and the joining procedure.

Age: A child seeking admission has to satisfy the age criteria given below.

Class Date of Birth In-Between AGE Date As On
Nursery 01-04-21 to 31-03-22 If the Child is 2+ 31st March 2024
LKG 01-04-20 to 31-03-21 If the Child is 3+ 31st March 2024
UKG 01-04-19 to 31-03-20 If the Child is 4+ 31st March 2024
I Std 01-04-18 to 31-03-19 If the Child is 5+ 31st March 2024
II Std 01-04-17 to 31-03-18 If the Child is 6+ 31st March 2024
III Std 01-04-16 to 31-03-17 If the Child is 7+ 31st March 2024
IV Std 01-04-15 to 31-03-16 If the Child is 8+ 31st March 2024
V Std 01-04-14 to 31-03-15 If the Child is 9+ 31st March 2024
VI Std 01-04-13 to 31-03-14 If the Child is 10+ 31st March 2024
VII Std 01-04-12 to 31-03-13 If the Child is 11+ 31st March 2024
VIII Std 01-04-11 to 31-03-12 If the Child is 12+ 31st March 2024
IX Std 01-04-10 to 31-03-11 If the Child is 13+ 31st March 2024

Applicants selected for admission should confirm the acceptance within the stipulated date mentioned and remit the fee and other duly completed declaration forms and submit the necessary documents in the school office.


Birth Certificate (Original and Photocopy).

Community Certificate (Photocopy).

Transfer Certificate (if applicable).

Aadhar copy of student and parent.

Photographs of the student.


Students once admitted will complete the entire course of study for the current academic year.

Due to unavoidable circumstances if they wish to withdraw, parents will have to forfeit the entire Annual Fee paid.

Parents have to submit a written letter to inform the withdrawal and apply for the Transfer Certificate (TC).